Monday, November 15, 2010

What Makes A Great Photo?

  • Close One Eye
- When shooting, always remember close one eye as you view any potential scene.
- Don't move as you look through one eye. If you do this while walking, your brain will still figure it out and piece it back together as 3D.
- Stop, hold still, close one eye, hold out your hands to make a rectangle, and that's, at best, how your photo might look.

  • Never Imitate
- Follow your own passion and excitement. Shoot what excites you. If you can capture your own excitement, you just got a good image.
- Screw convention. It's the fastest way to boring images. Don't ever try to shoot anything based on what you think might play well in a contest or might be something other people might like.

  • Lighting
- Lighting is the most important technical issue in photography. Pro photographers pay close attention to it, while hobbyists sadly ignore it.
- For our purposes here, lighting is the biggest contributor to light and dark, to colors, and to shapes and lines.
- The direction of light and shadow defines our lines and shapes

  • You Can't Go Back
- When the conditions are right, shoot.
- As you learn to be more observant, the more you'll realize how nothing stays the same, even for a minute.

  • Color
- Warm colors, red, orange and yellow, appear to move forward towards the viewer. Our eyes are attracted to them first.
-Cool colors, greens, blues and violets, recede away from the viewer.
-An easy way to make your image three-dimensional is to have an orange object in front of a blue background. Movies do this all the time.

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